Reverend Cordelia Wallace

Reverend Cordelia Wallace is a native New Yorker born and raised in the city of Brooklyn. She was reared in a Christian home; received salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and was baptized in the Holy Ghost in 1983. Ordained an elder in 1995, Reverend Cordelia was taught the principles and doctrines of the Word of God from her youth while attending The Washington Temple Church of God in Christ, where the late Bishop F.D. Washington, was the founder, pastor and overseer for more than 35 years. She served Bishop Washington in the latter years of his ministry as his Executive Administrator.

Reverend Wallace is the Senior Associate Pastor and First Lady of the Agape Cathedral where she ministers side by side with her husband, Bishop David C. Wallace, Senior Pastor and Prelate of the Agape Christian Fellowship of Covenant Churches and Ministries. Bishop and Reverend Wallace have been married for over thirty years and are the proud parents of two adult children, Octavia Chanel and David Frederick, Eric Figueroa Jr – son in love and Eric 3rd – grandson

Reverend Wallace is an anointed and unique woman of God. As she stands to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, her delivery is precise, crisp to the ear, and easy to digest. Her outer beauty is only a mere reflection of what is on the inside; God has made her pliable and mete for the Master’s use. She is a confident yet sincere woman of God, one who awaits the direction of the Lord and follows through as He commands. This journey has not been an easy one, she has been through many hardships but God has brought her through victoriously. In addition to her very demanding schedule, Reverend Wallace is a wife, mother, teacher but most of all, a gem and an extraordinary asset to the Body of Christ.